Where can I find some funny dating questions

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Where can I find some funny dating questions

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  1. Victor Strong

     In this day and age the very best way to find some funny dating question is through a variety of great websites and blogs that are available online. A simple Google search can lead you to a wellspring of great suggestions along with other related material that may appeal to you. Questions are the best way to get the other person talking and build a conversation.

    Taking the time to really think through dating questions that touch on topics that are important to you or serve to get to know the other party are great ways to figure out some compatability questions early on. Searching and thinking about questions is also a great way for you to figure out exactly what you are looking for in a partner as well. Try answering some of those questions yourself, you may gain some valuable insight. Here are some suggested sites below:

    1. -

    2. Mag for Women -

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