Where can I get apple logo png file?

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I want print some big posters of apple logo for my Laptop selling store. I was wondering to know that where I can get the png file of apple logo.

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  1. Guest5337

    The Apple logo is known as one of the most famous logos across the IT world, significantly because it forms the largest and most successful brand. It has been presented as a landmark company for more than 30 years from now, concreting its way to further success. Formerly, the logo was a multihued apple with a bite taken out off its right side and was known as the “rainbow apple” commemorating the discoveries of gravity (the apple) and the separation of light (the colors) done by Isaac Newton and possibly to tribute the ‘fruit of the Tree of Knowledge’ in Adam and Eve’s story. But now Apple has discontinued the use of bright colors in the Apple logo, instead opting for white and raw-aluminum color schemes. The polished chrome logo seems to be worth matching. The silvery chrome finish in the new Apple logo is unswerving with the design scheme and freshens up the icon. It can extensively be seen on all Apple products and retail stores; and has become one of the world’s most renowned brand symbols. This is a logo for Apple Store and be obtained from Mac OS X welcome screen and about window, iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV on startup progress as well as from the apple stores.

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