Where can I get the Public Call Office at the Allama Iqbal international airport?

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I will be coming in from USA to Lahore and I would be needing to contact my family there from the airport. Please help me out.

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  1. Guest2251
    Card-operated telephones are found at convenient locations throughout the Lahore Airport which provide Telephones for Local, National and International Calls and Fax Machine services.

  2. Guest1872

    If you are coming from USA to Lahore and want to make call then you make a call from card operated telephone. These telephones are founded at Lahore Airport at convenient locations. It provides you the facilities of local, national and international call. Another solutions for call making from Lahore airport is to a mobile SIM and call to your beloved.

  3. Guest9137

     At Allama Iqbal International Airport manned public call offices and telephone counters with card facility provides international, national and local phone call services to the passengers coming or going out of the country. But I will give a suggestion to you that do not use the public call offices of the Airport, the public call offices operators charge a lot to you for even a local call. You can use public call offices located near the Airport they will be cheaper for you to make a call. Another way for it is that you can but a Pakistani SIM and make a call from it. The SIM can be used in future also so that will be the best for you to do. But it is your choice that what to do on the arrival at Lahore Airport.

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