Where can I go to audition for Sabrina in the Sisters Grimm movie?

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I just turned twelve, and so does Sabrina in the Fifth book, and I've been in the acting buisness for 10 years now, AND I LUV THE SISTERS GRIMM! I have straight, long blond hair, hazel eyes, (though Sabrina has blue,) I have a cute, but VERY ANNOYING boy in my life,(Peter, I'm referring to YOU!)have her attitude, and I live w/ my grandma! Well, sort of, she babysits me and my sister, Lexi, (who would be PERFECT for Daphne,)every other week, and I live in LA! The problem is, I don't know the address or the date of the studio and auditions, but at least I know they're in 2011. Can somebody PLEASE help me? My famous uncle is, but we're not getting that far!

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  1. Sabrina Grimm

     i guys! It's Sabrina Grimm here, I have some helpful information that I have found. I picked out the facts from the fiction and I swear, this is true. Hope this helps and just to warn you, no one will get the part for Sabrina with me around! My name says it all!!! Anyway, here is the information I found, still working on it though:

    Where will the auditions be: L.A, Chicago, or New York

    Directors people think: Gary Mckendry, Skyler Hugh

    Movie Studios people think: New Regency Interprises with Josephson Entertainment

    4. Seriously not real actors/actresses? (Just saying, you have as good a chance as these people do): Kaylei Lewis, brooklyn Rachel

    That is all that I got so far, hope it helps. Oh! And I don't really know if 'Faith's' dad is really a casting agent person. BYE!!!

    ~Sabrina Grimm.

  2. Zoey

    hey my names zoey i am 11 years old. i have the exact same personality as sabrina and look exactly like her.(I even have a boyfriend to) I have medium length dirty-blonde hair blue eyes and everything. I have only been in the acting business for a couple months now but with the right practice I think I might just be able to get the part.If any of you have any imformation that youthink might help me please let me know. This would be my dream to be Sabrina Grimm but its hard to follow my dreams because i live in Salt Lake City, Utah and not many auditions come here. i wanna try out for America's got Talent because i love to sing.


  3. Guest8313
    I don't care HOW good you are, I'm SOOOOO Sabrina, my name's written all over the part!!!

    ~guest10180856 in 'Where can I go to audition for the sisters grimm movie.'
  4. Guest1836
    Jeeze! You don't have to be a big jerk to her! Besides, she's better than YOU, according to both your posts!
  5. Guest9693
    Hey, everybody, She needs help! Let's all gather up some info whichever way we can, and get posting!
  6. Guest1692
    i seriously need answer 4 same Q i luv the series i dont look like sabrina but im still so sabrina... whatever i dont know ANYTHING about the movie...NEED HELP
  7. Guest9209
    well... it's in 2011, in February, and it's in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Sorry though, don't know actually Where.
  8. Guest438
    uh, HELLO! guest18871512? If you don't even look like Sabrina, there's no WAY you'll get the part w/ me out there!
  9. Guest1208
    Plus you don't know anything about the movie, so there.
  10. Guest8793
    Plus you don't know anything about the movie, so there.
  11. Guest2439
    Hey! Guest10180856,and Guest19150379 stop being a jerk.  She has just as good a chance as you do.  It doesn't even matter if she doesn't looks like sabrina, it's caled movie magic.  I have a lot of information on the movie, but I won't share it until you give her a sincere apology.  What you said was just rude and if you want to get the part, you have to get your act together.  Plus I if you won't apologize before two days fly by, I won't be able to share the information for another month anyway, so you better start apologize.
  12. Guest1196
    yeah! plus she does look like her.
  13. Guest498
    I'm sorry, I really am.

    ~guest10180856 is the same person as F19150379
  14. Guest4833
    time is ticking, you must apologize if you want the info.  Tomorrow is the last day I will be able to go online for a month.I would like to tell everyone who is auditioning, and isn't being an annoying snob to never give up on you're dreams. You can still play whichever part even with no expierience, and nothing in common with the character.  Remember it's called ACTING for a reason.~Guest19270496
  15. Guest611
    One thing the people who make the movie look for in an actor is personality. They'll have to spend hours on end in the same room as you, so if you don't seem to be the kind of person they'll enjoy working with, they won't hire you. And nobody will enjoy working with a brat, so for those of you who are being rude, just know that you're that much further away from your goal of playing Sabrina. There is no excuse for your attitude. Nearly everyone here is competing for the same thing, but most manage to talk about it *without* being pigheads.

    OK, I'm sorry, I know that's really not what I'm supposed to be talking about here. After all, this place is for info on the movie, not my mindless rants. Sorry! I don't know much about the movie as of right now—wish I did. What I do know, I've posted over on another question. Specifically: Where can I go to audition for The Sisters Grimm movie? If I find out more, I'll post it under both question, promise!

  16. Guest5478
    Thank you for apologizing Guest 17770020, here's the info I the Sisters Grimm was originaly being created by New Regency Interprises and Josephson Entertainment. I guess New Regency has pulled out, because I got a hold of them and they had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the movie. They told me I had the wrong company. After that I got a hold of Josephson Entertainment and was told there would be no beginning The Sisters Grimm for 1-2 years IF they do it at all. And they may begin in 1-2 years, but even if they did, they wouldn't be nearly ready for casting. That's what the companies told me.  Well, that's everything.
                ~Guest19270496 on this webpage, and Guest15427123 on "Where can I go to audition for the Sisters Grimm movie" webpage
  17. Guest6687
    It's in Chicago? Yay!!! I live near Chicago! I wish everyone the best of luck out in the field! I will try and post news whenever I can!! Good luck! :)
  18. Guest6153
    People, the auditions have already been held. some girls named Kaylei Lewis and Brooklyn Rachel are in the last stage, and one of the two are Most definatley going to be Sabrina. I don't know about you, but I want Kaylei Lewis to be her! She seems really nice, is 12, and is exactly like Sabrina! Brooklyn Rachel is just plain MEAN!!! But i'm dissapointed too. but don't worry, the final auditions are in 2011-2012, and they're in the final stage, but some select people get to still audition for Sabrina. But it's most likely KAYLEI LEWIS!!!!! and Brooklyn Rachel will get the part.
  19. Guest4466
    i just turned 11,i have wavy/straight blonde long and blue eyes and her skin tone. Im also not that bad of an actress. my friends also tell me im fun to be around. im gonna BEG my parents to let me get a flight to chicago and try out. and guys, stop saying ur gonna be sabrina. kaylei lewis or brooklyn rachel are probably gonna be sabrina
  20. Guest8277
    yeah, but Kaylei Lewis is prob. gonna get the part 'cause she has 5 stars and Brooklynn R. only has 3.
  21. Guest494
    So can sum1 who has not auditioned before audition in feb and maybe get the part?
  22. Guest3492
  23. Guest7391
    hey so my name is faith and im on another website like this, but diffrent, anyway my dad is the casting directer and i wanted to let you know that auditions have not started! he dosent even know of a kaylei lewis
  24. Guest3997
    Okay so, I have posted on this website before, but like faith, I am usually on a different one. (It was the same as her.)  Sadly, the website was shut down by this the "maybenow" company, they said it was spam.(which it was not)  I am known as guest15427123, and I always put that name at the end of the messages.  I will help you all find the dates, if in return you all help me.~Guest15427123
  25. Guest7796
    Hay, I am p**p! I am p**p! I am p**p!!!!
  26. Guest1914
    From all the postings, I have gathered all the info in note form, I have never read the book before, but I have a friend that loves the books, and she would kill to have the part (Not Literally, shes nice) so I have to gather info as a surprise for her, but I didn't relies it was american- were in Australia, should have known though, americans have pretty awesome movies sometimes. anyway...

    The Director is Skyler Hugh
    The Place is in Chicago, NYC and LA
    There has been previous auditions supposedly and to young girls ages 11 and twelve are in the final stage for the part of Sabrina.
    The final Auditions are in 2011-2012 but its for those in the final stage, but there are some select people that can still audition for Sabrina
    Some one supposedly got ahold of the two companies that are involved, (New Regency Interprises and Josephson Entertainment) one of the companies reported that they don't know anything, supposedly they are not involved any more, the other company said that they don't know if there will even be a movie, and if there was, auditions would start in 1-2 years. AND REMEMBER THAT THIS INFO IS JUST A SUMMARISE OF ALL THE GUEST ENTRYS AND MAY NOT BE CORRECT. anyways, hope it helps, and I wish all the best, who knows, I may see you on the big screen.

    From The Australian
  27. Guest7456
    Hey Austrailian, thanks for the help.  I'm the person who got ahold of the companies.  I call every once and a while, no imformation has changed since I last talked to them not too long ago.  I usually check in every few months.  If you ever want more information for your friend just check here.  We might not usually have somehting new, but you never know.  I think I'll be uncovering some new info soon, I'm researching a lot, and found a website not too long ago that I felt could give me a lead as to where to check next. ~Guest15427123
  28. Guest862
    and somewhere else. I really need info 2. Please help me. i REALLY wanna b sabrina, and I am a GOOD actress. I look like her 2. Plz dont say info if u know its false. We REALLY want help with this!
  29. Guest6674
    The information I've been posting about calling the companies is 100% true.  Unless they're lying to me to hide information, that's what they ACTUALLY, LITERALLY, I'M NOT KIDDING, told me.  I'm just trying to help you guys, because I'm stuck in the same situation.~Guest15427123
  30. Guest4933
    hey guys its faith anyway, my dad said all tht info is somewhat true but not 100% true
  31. Guest5951
    no auditions are only in new york, chicago, and l.a
  32. Guest404
    Hey faith, so did your dad tell you the places and ausition dates?  Are there any new directors or anything(producers, casters, important people...etc?~15427123
  33. Guest8699
    THe post made before this one was posted by Guest15427123. (I forgot to write "Guest" in front of it)~Guest15427123
  34. Guest7548
    nopee he hasent been home for a month idk what he is doing but my mom said he's on a busniss trip
  35. Guest8644
    Then how did he know about the info if you haven't talked to him in a month?~Guest15427123
  36. Guest5757
    oh no he told me that before he left i just forgot about this site cause i was so upset about the other site being sut down
  37. Guest8312
    I know, me too, the moment I found the other site down, I found this oneand posted right away.~Guest15427123
  38. Guest187
    Ok, so I know where they are but i am not telling you guys unless guest 10180856 apologizes! I know everything!
  39. Guest8956
    she did apoligize just read the resent posts and i bet yu dont cuz my dad like i said is the casting director and they havent even picked out the building were they r gonna hold auditions out yet andddd it's not gonna be held this year and probably not even nest year
  40. Guest3266
    Seeing as she did apologize, tell us what you know...or think youp know...~Guest15427123
  41. Guest6876
    hey, that post 2 posts down, the "i know every thing" nonsense, was my brother messing around... sorryy..... about that...
  42. Guest7831
    It's okay, but do you know anyhting?~Guest15427123
  43. Guest7990


  44. Guest5878

    Hey it says this has had 768 views (so far) and only 41 answers, so for those of the people who ignor the question and look something else up, maybe just to help us you can research a little bit and try to answer the questions and give us some information. Please take this under consideration, Thanks!~Guest15427123

  45. Guest1841

    the boy who plays puck is sooooo cute!!!! Oh... and they already casted so yeah, Sorry!!!!! i know who plays Sabrina iv'e met her well not met but iv'e seen her!!!

  46. Guest1104

    well, the company told me they haven't casted soooo...  Is there any place I can find this out for sure?~Guest15427123

  47. Guest4900

    ok peron two below me, how many times do i have to say this, my daddy the CASTING DIRECTOR  hasent started casting yet so there are noooo characters yet they are starting in a year are two, god, listen people!!


  48. Guest8923

    hey im 10 and 2011 ill be 11 which is nearly 12 and i really want to be sabrina,I love the series but can anyone tell me where and when it is happening cos i reallllllllllllllllllllllly want to go!!! anyways just to make a point if u r 12 this year then in 2011 youll be 14 and u wont get the part...

  49. Guest7272

    actally anyone between the ages 11-16 can get the part because with all the stage makeup and lights they use to film you look 2-3 years younger than your age so really they look for people older than the character so 14 and 15 year olds will probably get the part, well thats what my dad said


  50. Guest5102

    Has you're dad said anything new?  Sorry, it seems like we're asking you all these questions, but you're kind of the only chance we have.  No information is leaked on the internet, and the company said they told me all they know, but you're dad may know things that the whole company doesn't being the cassting director and all.~Guest15427123 

  51. Guest1145

    nopee the company knows as much as him, or thats what he tells me, and i dont mind all the questions, its just that all these people are making up these lies and stuff and its really bugging me andd i wish people would stop putting other people down like how old you can be to try out and stuff cuz thts not allll


  52. Guest2264

    So, I'm kinda Faith's story the real story? Or has this movie already been cast like some people said? Sorry if this is a stupid question...haha.

  53. Guest4014

    i wouldn't lie to you guys and if it has been already casted you could google the characters and you cant, so there for it hasent been casted yet


  54. Guest756

    They haven't casted already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the script isn't even ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the auditions are going to be in NYC, L.A., and Chicago. in Febuary 2011. Sorry...don't know the exact place or date. Good luck to everybody who tries out!!!!!!!!!!! But if you are tring out for Daphene you might be in trouble with me out there!!!!!!!!!

  55. Guest3782

    There are no dates.  There is no location.  There is no cast.  Everybody has to take a minute and chill out.  There is no need to say they have past, because they haven't.  These words are coming straight from the company.  I am not lying to you, this is what they told me.  I have no reason to lie to you, I have been helping you guys for what I believe is about, or over a year now.  The company is having some problems and the project is on hold.  The best we can do is research and try to find out when any imformation is released.  I'm not trying to be mean,I'm being honest. Thank you, and please don't take this message the wrong way.~Guest15427123 

  56. Guest6417

    I agree with the most recent post. But she is right. We need to chill. The project HAS been on hold. But from looking all over the internet I know and am absaloutly positive they are getting pretty close to finishing the script and will resume in the very beginning of 2011. I promise I am not lying. I have no reason to either. I want to know too.

  57. Guest950

    no not the beaginning og 2011 most likely the end because it is one hold and they wont be ready until the summer prolly


  58. Guest3477

    Thanks for the information Faith!

  59. Guest6121

    there is nothing official yet, and you have to consider that some of the things you find while researching may not be true, and if you find something that seems convincing, don't trust it too much, unless there is backup information, or if you find it in many places, ti is usually (but not always) most likely to be true.~Guest15427123

  60. Guest6225

    If we are ment to audition, the LORD will make it possible :)

  61. Guest7768

    amen to that hahaha

  62. Guest7696

    I have NO idea why you guys are posting! All these posts are nothing. The auditions have already happened and I got the part of Daphene. My friend got the part of Sabrina and a boy who lived in Maine got the part of Puck. We have shot one scene and that was over a year ago. We haven't done anything that involves the movie since because the compinies that were in charge got in a big fight. sorry!

  63. Guest6181

    omgg your such a lair!!!! my DAD is the casting director and hasent casted a single person!!! ok now im pissed off from now on im not helping any of you guys anymore cuz u abviouly dont appericate it


  64. Guest3860

    Okay, first, lets not get angry.  Whether any of these posts are true, we don't really know, because we don't know eachother, and cannot really trust eachother, but i am honestly saying the company has told me personally that they have not even begun in production, because the companies ran into some issues.  Lets all take some deep breaths.  So for the person who posted two down from this, I'm sorry, but I am going to trust the company, because I know I was talking to a person who works for the company who had the rights to the movie when I was discussing it with the person on the phone.  I don't know you.  Faith, I don't even know that you are actually the casting directors daughter, seeing as, I do not know you, but the information you have gathered matches mine, so I'm guessing you know what you're talking about.  To everybody, don't believe eveything that is posted, and if something bothers you, just brush it off you're shoulder, don't be offended by people you don't even know.  Now we should all just stick to finding out what we all want to know, and the reasons we are check this blog, to find out the dates and locatons of the auditions.  Sorry if I have offended anyone by posting this.~Guest15427123 

  65. Guest6880

    ya im sorry it's just that people are trying to brag about something thats not true, and i dont know about anyone else but i think you should get sabrina geust 15427123 cuz you are being so nice and helpful it shows great resposiblity and leadership


  66. Guest7077

    Hey. I have great news. That post where someone said they got the part of Daphene was just my friend messing around on my laptop because she wanted everybody to lose hope and not audition so she had a better chance of getting the part. I am really sorry for her actions and will make sure she never does it EVER again. So false alarm. Please pay no attention to that post. Sorry!Oh, and I had NO idea she even posted it.

  67. Guest3183

    Its okay don't worry, and Faith, thank you so much for what you said, being Sabrina would be a dream come true, in fact,  getting on the cast list at all would be a dream come true.  Clearly I have a lot of tough competition out there, so if I'm not too old when the day comes, and if I get permission, I hope to see you all there (though I will have no idea who you are).  Even if I don't get a part I will be sure to see the movie :)  ~Guest15427123  

  68. Guest7786

    hahaha your welcome and my friend rebecca is probably trying out soo you can look for her well she will be tryin out in chicago


  69. Guest9956

    Honestly, I have no idea where I will be auditioning, or if i wil even be auditioning.  I will need permission first, I keep asking, but they usually say "We'll see"~Guest15427123

  70. Guest1785

    I agree with Faith that guest 15427123 should play Sabrina. I hope I will be working with you someday. I really want to be Daphene and good luck with your audition!

  71. Guest9539

    By the way I have a question for who posted the QUESTION. It said u just turned 12 and u had been acting for 10 years. That means you have been acting since u were 2. I highly dought that is true. Is it???

  72. Guest5174

    Hey Faith. In any way you can do you think you could get your Dad t either tell you everything he knows ( and I mean EVERYTHING ) or get him to post some info. I would really appreciate it and I bet a lot of other people would too. You might be our only credible source. Please talk to him.

  73. Guest8361

    what? I'm Kaylei Lewis! Uggg! I bet my sis got on my account again...but idk who BR is. i posted the question, and i really have been in the acting buissness since i was 2, because i never played the main roles, i just played the little sis or the random toddler.

  74. Guest4722

    so kaylie you arnt really sabrina right?

  75. Guest2648

    WOW! I wish I had been in the acting buisness since I was two. So you're aren't playing Sabrina right?!?! Because If you are that means someone got the part of Daphene and that would be bad news for me! And probabaly a lot of other people too! Oh... and Faith did you take my request into concideration? Ya know the one where I asked for you to talk to your Dad or have him post some information.I would really appreciate it and I bet a lot of other people would too. If you think I say 'I would really appreciate and I bet a lot of other people would too.' you are right! I do like like saying it! It seems so safistacated!

  76. Guest6300

    my dad dosent even aprove of me bein on this website so ya its gonna be a no


  77. Guest1786

    Well, I guess you have been a great help Faith. I'm sorry your Dad does not improve of you being on this website. Well, you're not alone! My parents don't even know I go on this website so when ever they come into the room when I am on my laptop I just exit. But they do know I am researching the auditions. I would be in SOOOOOOO much trouble if they knew I was posting!

  78. Guest2043

    why would you be in trouble? its not like you were giving your name out

  79. Guest1878

    I have those ovverly protective parents!

  80. Guest6750

    I would like to say thank you to all of you, it is really an honor that you guysare saying i should play Sabrina.  I hope I get to work with you guys one day too.   Kaylei, I thought on the website you said you had either 5 or 7 years of acting expierience.  I promise I'm not saying I'm lying, I'm just a little confused....  have you ever been in ay shows/movies?~Guest15427123

  81. Guest7674

    ya im confused too and to be honest i started taking acting lessons because of you geust 15427123, andddd i hope to work with you too!


  82. Guest5528

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! you have no idea how happy I am reading all these comments!~Guest15427123

  83. Guest5258

    I think guest 15427123 should get the part of Sabrina no matter what! You could print out these comments and bring them in when you audition. The judges would see that people think you should and want you to be Sabrina. It might give you a little advantage. Unless you are totally wrong for the part! Which I bet you are not at all based on your posts. ; ) But don't get your hopes up too high if the commennts don't help you. I just have to give you a little piece of advice. You have been so nice and helpful. BUT Sabrina is stubborn and doesn't listen too well. SO I hope you are a good actress because I really want you to get the part 

  84. Guest5418

    I REALLY wanna be Sabrina! I have long, wavy, blonde hair, blue eyes, and I can act, sing, dance, tumble and do contortion. I NEED that part!! look out!

  85. Guest2952

    I REALLY wanna be Sabrina!! I have long wavy blond hair, blue eyes, I can act, sing, dance, tumble and do contortion. I am PERFECT for the part!! and I love the Sisters Grmm(:

  86. Guest5018

    Look. NOBODY is perfect for the part of Sabrina. Some people might be better than others but that doesn't mean you are perfect. The judges don't take people who are perfect for the part. They will take people who have a good personallity, can listen, and can act. It doesn't even matter if you look nothing like Sabrina. They use something called movie magic to make people look like the person they playing. I'm not perfect for the part of Daphene. Guest 15427123 isn't perfect for Sabrina and nobody is perfect for any other parts. I hope nobody got their feelings hurt by this. All I'm trying to say is don't tell anybody they are wrong  for the part because they have as good of a chance of getting it as you do. I really hope no one is offended about this post.

    - soccer star

    By the way... I will be signing all my posts from now on with a code name. It is soccer star.

  87. Guest1676

    I completely agree, and don't worry no offense taken.  The whole point I am on here is so I can help people and they will help me in return to finding the dates.  Thank you for saying I should be Sabrina, but I apprectiate it so much, but there may be people out there that may play the part better.  As for peoples personality, pretty much all of us on here are ators/actresses, keep in mind that acting is becoming a character no matter how different from yourself they are, so though someone's looks or personality makes it seem they are not good for the part that's not necessarily true because they will be acting.~Guest15427123

  88. Guest3115

    Guest 15427123 what I meant by personallity is if you are open to suggestions and can cooperate. OR if you only care about yourself and are a brat. I guess I wasn't so clear!

    - soccer star

  89. Guest2582

    Soccer star, I wasn't posting the comment based on yours.  I just said it, because so many people are saying how they look like and have similar personalities to the character they want to be, but in the end its not about who are really are its about taking orders and doing what you've been hired to do ACT. (By the way, I am not saying this in a harsh tone.)  Thank you for the information, I didn't know he was even writing a script.~Guest15427123 

  90. Guest5509

     Thanks soccer star!! I am another hopeful for the role of Sabrina! I really do appreciate all the info you guys have been giving! Thank you so much!

    Taking a lead from soccer star i will sign my posts with a pseudonym, Grimm Girl.

    ~Grimm Girl :)

    P.S: Best of luck to all auditioning!

  91. Guest9601

    Grimm girl, that was SO nice of you to take my lead and thank me. You just made my day. But to be honest only part of that post is info i really know. ok so i am 100% positive that Michael Buckley is writing the script and there will be open auditions for Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck. I am 100% positive that the script isn't ready yet. Other posts on other websites said that there are no exact locations or dates. The other posts on the other website said that those words were coming straight from Michchael.

  92. Guest2594

    The post before this one was posted by soccer star. I forgot to sign it. Sorry!


    - soccer star

  93. Guest3538

    I kinda, sorta have bad news. So the Sisters Grimm movie was being created by New Regency Productions and Joesphen Entertainment. Right? Well anyway I go on their websites everyday! Just to see if there is any new information. Well on both websites they have a future releases page. And on BOTH websites the Sisters Grimm movie was not on there! I will continue to check EVERYDAY! I PROMISE I will post any new information!

    - soccer star

  94. Guest52

    New Regncy isn't doing the movie anymore. I called them a while ago and they had no idea what I was talking about, but Josephson Entertainment is.  It's not on the future releases website because they haven't even begun the project yet (they are on hold), there aren't any guarentees that things will (for sure) work out. They are stil working things out.~Guest15427123

  95. Guest3593

    Hey guys! i read almost all of the coments and it looks like i can trust this group. I have been searching but have come up with nothing. Like all of you i would really really really love to be in the movie too. Pleaseeee if you have any more info, let me know! I hope to meet all of you when the time comes for auditions! thanks!!

    p.s. i hope this doesn't sound to cheesey but i am really excited about this :)

  96. Guest7575

     Your welcome soccer star :) and yeah, I heard that New Regency dropped out too. :( I emailed Michael Buckley (the author) and hope to get an answer soon. I can't wait for the movie, when ever it comes out! I am definately going to see it!

    ~Grimm Girl 

  97. Guest3571

    I think it might be a while untill the movie comes out though.  And soccer star, don't worry, it doesn't sound cheesy at all that you're excited, I'm really excited as well.  I can't wait until the auditions.~Guest15427123  

  98. Guest8920

     I never posted the post about being cheesy. But I am excited!

    - soccer star

  99. Guest4151

    There's gonna be a MOVIE!?!?!??!?!

    I nevar knew that!

    I hope if I find something out i can help. So far I haven't scoped anything out... anything useful.

  100. Guest7990

    Oh, I'm sorry, I must have been mistaken. It was someone named Eve, it says it at the top of her post. My mistake~Guest15427123

  101. Guest1941

    Guest 15427123 it's okay. Mistakes happen. I have made a lot f stupid mistakes in my life too!

    - soccer star

  102. Guest7911

    merry chirstmas everyone! i know its two days before but im going on a one week cruise and won't have internet so ya :)


  103. Guest8783

    Have fun on your cruise!~Guest15427123

  104. Guest8269

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!~Guest15427123

  105. Guest7252

    out of curiosity did anyone ever read gone by michael grant?


  106. Guest7748

    Hi Faith,

    I live in Australia and i would really like to be considered for the part of Sabrina but - of course- i live in Australia. I've been acting for 8 years - this is my ninth- and i also sing. I have been in over 20 plays for my drama school and i look like Sabrina. I'm 13.

    Do you think i could be considered?


  107. Guest1401

    Also Faith,

    Could i maybe write my resume to the auditions so i could be considered or not?


  108. Guest6367

    No i haven't read gone by michael Grant. Is it good?

  109. Guest5672

    um well ya i geuss you could but u would prolly have to fly out to the united states for auditions and ya you could write your resume but idk were you would send it




    and YES omg i really recomend Gone because it is the best book ever! and then after there is Hunger, Lies and Plauge is coming out this april and i want to try out for the movie they are making for it


  110. Guest5889

    Hey Emily, you would probably have to fly to the United States for the audition.  IF I were you I'd get a resume prepared, but seeing as we don't even know if the auditions are this year, you probably have some time.  Just a tip, seeing as you are from Austrailia (I'm guessing you were born and raised there), you may want to practice your "American Accent" because the movie is placed in the United States.  Good luck I hope I see you at the auditions when they come around.  (If I go.  I'll probably be too old by then, but I still want to help everyone on this site.)Hey Fath, does you're Dad know any other big directors? IS he working on any other projects? ~Guest15427123

  111. Guest4778

    ummm not that i know of


  112. Guest6682

    okay, thanks :)~Guest15427123

  113. Guest662

    But if i fly over to America i don't know where the auditions are and when and my parents might not let me :( I wish they were auditioning in Australia


  114. Guest8511

    I'm guessing you would fly over whe you know the dates and locations of the auditions (around that time).  When it comes to getting to the location, you already know it so you can always get maps, GPS, or ask for intructions to help you reach your destination.~Guest15427123

  115. Guest1789

    Thanks but my parents probs won't let me :(

    I wish i could go though cause i think i would have a really good chance :(


  116. Guest2027

    I know what you mean.  My parents probably won't let me, and by the time the auditions come around  I know for a fact that I'll be too old to play a 11/12 year old girl.  I think I would have a a pretty good chance if they casted one-three years ago.~Guest15427123  

  117. Guest3076

     Sorry i haven't been on in a while my life was busy, busy, busy! So no new info? 

    ~Grimm Girl

  118. Guest6219

    Nope, it's fine, I've been busy too.~Guest15427123

  119. Guest4875

    You can go to the place where the audition will be going on.

  120. Guest3438

    go to the place where this event is taking place.

  121. Guest7381

    Where is it taking place?~Guest15427123

  122. Guest5511

    Hey, "lacyandrea" said that we can go to the place the auditions will be held.  Can you tell us where they will be held?~Guest15427123 

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