Where can I learn web hosting and design website?

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I am interested in web hosting and website designing. Someone tell me a place here in New Jersey to learn Web hosting and web site designing.

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  1. Guest919

    Depending on the type of your website and your online requirements you have to first ask yourself some questions on forehand. Most hosting companies normally offer some standard packages which differs in things such as disk space, databases and other email accounts, monthly bandwidth limit and free software. Answer for the self equations like: how many disk space or bandwidth you will need. Do I need a database in order to store the content. Another important thing that you have to guess is that whether the support of content management systems like wordpress or Joomla are necessary, and how many email accounts do I need, also decide about the budget?

    Hosting companies such as Yahoo's or Lycos' are some of the examples of free hosts. Free sites are now very limiting, and they don't allow to store much on the pages. You might not be able to choose any free domain name, and there will probably be annoying banners on the site. By paying for a specific site, you will get the flexibility and other capabilities beyond any free site could give you.

    Searching with the Google will also give you many hosting companies. Your requirements will then do a selection. Try to look for some recommendations or search via Google on the customer reviews about some of the hosting provider. The quality of this customer service and technical helpdesk is a very important requirement.


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