Where can I study Hotel Management in UK?

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I want to do Diploma in Hotel Management and I want to apply for the Hotel Management course, where can I apply for such course in United Kingdom.

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  1. Guest5320
    London School of Business Management is a leading training provider for Business Management and Hotel Management courses. It delivers 5000 modules every year.
    LS Business School has one of the most experienced and reputable faculty for Management education in London, and on average all our lecturers’ possess over 10 years of industry work experience.
    LS Business School has students from over 150 countries around the world. Our classes usually do not exceed 24 students - with ages ranging from 18 years to 35 years.
    All LSM Business School study programmes are delivered at the campuses of the University of London, these include lecture halls at Imperial College, Birbeck College, King’s College and the University College of London.
    More details about London Business School can be found from the following link.

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