Where iis Mia Lee?

by Guest2288  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I am curious, just a nosey old lady.

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  1. Guest6881
    I cannot believe or even cannot imagine that more than 42 years’ old woman, daughter of parents working at Beijing Jiaotong University, would take and upload to the internet her obscene and profanity images (nude) just like Paris Hilton type, but an ugly once; her photos are much more scurrilous and indecent than the worst obscene photos from any pornographic websites. Her nude and obscene photos are polluting the internet just like recent BP oil leak in the gulf of those causing inhalation problems for marine life.

    Jing older sister is the sudo-name of Cecilia Lee (In Chinese Xiaoxi Li). Take a look what people say about her pornographic pictures when she featured her v****a online:

    标题: 。 (1405 reads)      时间: 2005-8-19 周五, 上午1:52京姐
    Subject: ----- Jing older sister on 2005-8-19 at 1:52 am
    • 京姐照得好细腻,连花心都看的那末清楚。。。 -- master98 - (0 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午9:41 (58 reads)
    • Jing Older sister’s pic was taken so meticulous that the core of flower can be seen clearly ( means her p***y)-----master98 on 2005-8-19 at 9:41 am
    • 看见了,京姐姐拍生殖器官的相片!!!!!!!!太可怕了。 -- 笑狮子 - (21 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午8:13 (190 reads)
    • Yes , I did see . Photo of Jing old sister’s genitalia !!!!! too terrible !!!! -------smile lion at 8:13 am on 2005-8-19
    • 想不到京姐这个人这么不道德,那样的照片都敢贴,啧啧 -- 26°C - (0 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午4:01 (56 reads)
    • I did not expect jing old sister is so immoral, she posted that kind of pic ----26C on 2005-8-19 at 4:01
    • 茸茸的花芯 -- 悍马 - (0 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午3:53 (45 reads)
    • Downy core of flower  ----hanma on 2005-8-19 at 3:53 am
    • 那是花心吗? -- 龍心忘我 - (0 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午3:50 (52 reads)
    • That is the core of flower ? ( seems in here “ core of flower means the heart of her p***y ) ----2005-8-19 at 3:50 am
    • 第四张真黄啊!! -- conker - (0 Byte) 2005-8-19 周五, 上午2:27 (51 reads)
    • The No 4 photo is so indecent!!! ---conker on 2005-8-19 at 2:27 am

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