Where is the current cricket world cup 2011 is being played

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Where is the current cricket world cup 2011 is being played?  Just like lots of people out there who do not follow cricket too often, i was confused where the cricket world cup is being held.  I have some friends who applied for visa for India to watch the world cup and then i read some teams were playing in Sri Lanka.  

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  1. Guest8227

    I'm sure others out there are also confused as to where the world cup is being held; i thought i might provide an answer for all those who don't have IQ 200 for cricket.

    The 2011 cricket world cup is being played in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  Since india is the superpower of Cricket; all semi finals and final will be played in India.

    I hope this helps all those who are not sure.

  2. Guest9750
    And to add up to Xpert opinion Pakistan was also included initially in the list of countries to host the World Cup 2011 but due to an unseen threat of terrorism in Pakistan name has been excluded. 
    And if Pakistan will be in the list then final was to be held in Pakistan. 
  3. Guest8532

     The World Cup is playing in Asia. Countries are India, Bangladesh and Srilanka. If you want to watch live action then comes to India or Srilanka because Semi Finals will be play in India and Srilanka while Final will be played in India (Mumbai)

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