Where to find web page rss reader?

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I am looking for RSS reader that allow me to present any RSS feed on any web page. Can you please tell me where to get web page rss reader.

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  1. Guest4094

     You can find RSS reader from,, and

    RSS (most routinely amplified as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of world broad web feed formats utilised to release often revised work for example blog applications, report headlines, audio, and video in a normalized format. An RSS article (which is called a "feed", "web feed", or "channel") encompasses full or summarized text, in addition to metadata for example announcing designated days and authorship.

    Web feeds advantage publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. They advantage readers who desire to subscribe to timely revisions from highly ranked websites or to aggregate feeds from numerous sites into one place. RSS feeds can be read utilising programs called an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator", which can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-based. A normalized XML document format permits the data to be released one time and examined by numerous distinct programs. The client subscribes to a feed by going into into the book reader the feed's URI or by banging a feed icon in a world broad web browser that starts the subscription process. The RSS book reader tests the user's subscribed feeds frequently for new work, downloads any revisions that it finds, and presents a client interface to supervise and read the feeds. RSS permits users to bypass manually inspecting all of the websites they are involved in, and rather than subscribe to websites such that all new content is shoved up on their browsers when it becomes available.

    RSS formats are particular utilising XML, a generic specification for the creation of facts and numbers formats. Although RSS formats have developed from as early as March 1999, it was between 2005 and 2006 when RSS profited prevalent use, and Firefox's icon () was taken up by Internet Explorer.

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