Where to get design for web page?

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I am interested in making and developing a web page design, what are the procedures involved in developing a web design for the web page.

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    There are several ways in order to create HTML documents. First thing that you have to do is that you can type in HTML code instructions and content, by using a text-editing program. Simple text editors are mostly included with types of Microsoft Windows operating systems and on the Mac. These are stripped-down word processors that your computer already has. You can then also use an HTML editor that is like Microsoft SharePoint Designer. These applications allow a user simply point and click his way to a completed web page, without ever having to look at the confusing line of HTML code. Finally, there are several word-processing and desktop-publishing applications like (e.g., Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign) that allow you to easily convert your word-processed documents into the HTML code by saving them in HTML format.

    To make the web page available to the world, you will need to upload it to the web server. Your school or business can offer the web space at a very low price or for free. If not, you will then have to use a commercial provider. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can already then offer adequate web space for you. Finally there are several commercial sites, like Yahoo! GeoCities, that offer free space (and web-building tools) for the users in exchange for allowing the advertising on their pages. This can be the affordable option for web publishers who are not afraid of a few banner ads.


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