Which Ions are found in Hard Water?

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Which Ions are found in Hard Water? Is there anyone who can tell me please?

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    Hard water is water which comprises a high engrossment of a kind of ions. The source of the period probable lies in the demeanour of lathers and detergents when utilising this kind of water; a hard scum of lather normally types on the exterior of the clean water. In detail, hard water makes it tough to use lathers accurately because the ions blend with the detergent substances and render them useless. Hard water can furthermore origin other difficulties as minerals arrive out of answer to pattern a hard deposit renowned as scale.
    About Ions
    Ions are chemical mixtures, either atoms or substances that have came by a ascribe due to either mislaying or profiting electrons. A aggregate that profits an electron becomes contrary ascribed and is renowned as an anion. Losing an electron makes a positively ascribed species, renowned as a cation. The species that origin hard water are all cations. Because water is a very polar fluid, significance its substances have a minor circulation of ascribe amidst their atoms, it is very excels disintegrating ions.
    The Main Ions
    The major ions which are to blame for hard water are the doubly affirmative calcium cation (Ca++) and the doubly affirmative magnesium cation (Mg++). These ions are the most widespread because they often happen in the kinds of below ground rock formations through which water travels. Calcium is discovered in the minerals calcite, gypsum and aragonite while both calcium and magnesium can be discovered in dolomite. Water can disintegrate portions of these rocks, particularly if it is rendered somewhat acidic by disintegrated carbon dioxide gas.
    Other Ions
    Hard water may furthermore comprise a kind of metallic ions, whereas the engrossment of these ions is generally much, much less than that of calcium and magnesium and so is often not considered. These ions encompass metal (Fe++ and Fe+++), zinc (Zn++), manganese (Mn++) and strontium (Sr++). These components furthermore go in water as it flows over diverse rocks and minerals.
    Measures of Hardness
    The total hardness of water is an assess of the general engrossment of all disintegrated cations. It is described as the matching of components per million (abbreviated as "ppm" and furthermore renowned as milligrams per liter) calcium carbonate. There are some procedures of finding total hardness, encompassing EDTA titration and colormetric check strips. The relative between total hardness in ppm carbonate and the engrossment of the most widespread cations is as follows: total hardness (ppm) = 2.5 x ppm calcium + 4.1 x ppm magnesium + 1.8 x ppm metal + 1.8 x ppm manganese.

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