Which TV is better LCD led or plasma?

by Guest1029  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I want to buy LCD or Plasma and I need your opinion which is best TV in both Categories?

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  1. Guest9783

    Plasma, LCD and led all are great TVs but they all have pros and cons.

    Plasma has good contrast ratio, it has a better ability to render deep blacks, more color depth, has good motion tracking, with more more availability in very large screen sizes. While it has its share of cons too, like its more susceptible to burn-in, generates alot of heat, screen glares in brightly lit rooms and it can't be shipped for its heavier weight.

    LCD has no burn-in susceptibility, it has a cooler running, less screen glare, more functional at high altitudes and has less power consumption than Plasma.Cons of LCD are less as it has lower contrast ratio, it doesn't render deep blacks, and it is not good at tracking motion.

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