Which are some famous Pakistan sports female celebrities?

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I am looking for the detail about some famous sports female celebrities of Pakistan. Please give me detail about it.

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    Some of the most famous female sports celebrities of Pakistan are:
    1. Carla Khan:
                       Carla Khan is a Pakistani squash player. Carla Khan Was born on August 18, 1981 at London. She is granddaughter of legend Pakistan squash player Azam Khan .She started playing squash in England at age 12.
    She has won five titles in her career, which are: El Salvador Open 2002, Ottawa Open 2003, Pakistan Open 2005 and Iranian Open 2007 and Austrian Open in 2008.
    2. Kiran Baloch:
                      Kiran Baloch is a female Pakistani test cricketer. She is Right-hand batwoman. She is the record holder of the highest individual score in the international game. She scored 242 in the first cricket Test against the West Indies at the National Stadium.
    3. Kiran Khan:
                         Kiran Khan is a Pakistani female swimmer. She She has represented Pakistan on many International forums namely Asian games at very young age. Kiran Khan has swam for the Pakistani team in the Asian Games as well as the Commonwealth Games, in addition to several other international swimming meets including the 2008 Summer Olympics. Kiran Khan won six silver and two bronze medals at Islamabad 2004 and another two silver and six bronze at Colombo 2006.
    4. Shabana Akhtar:
                       Shabana Akhtar is a Pakistani athlete. She is FIRST Pakistani female athlete who participated in Atlanta Olympics 1996. She participated in Women International Games held in Islamabad, Pakistan in 1996 and won 4 Gold Medals with a new record in 100M and 200M. Shabana has the honour to represent Pakistan in a number of International Events. She won 2 Gold Medals in 2nd Islamic Countries Women Sports Solidarity Games held in Tehran 1997.

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