Which are some top photography careers?

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My brother is a planning to opt for the career of photography, is there anyone who can inform me about some top photography careers.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Photography can be much more than just a famous hobby. Some photography careers propose high earnings, creative flexibility or a thrilling, glamorous lifestyle.


    Photojournalists have one of the most diverse and thrilling careers amidst expert photographers. Photojournalists may display their work in a gallery setting next its use as report content.

    Fashion Photographer

    Fashion photographers often work for a magazine, website or advertising offices. They photograph models in the studio and latest trends happenings round the world, traveling to important fashion hubs and vying with other photographers for the best shots. Fashion photographers furthermore may make pictures for magazine front pages, advertisements and promotion firms.

    Fine Art Photographer

    Fine art photographers use the camera as a device for forming art. Like painters and sculptors, fine art photographers discover the ancients of their medium while impelling its boundaries, evolving new photographic methods and answering to communal and individual issues. A fine art photographer's work is more probable to be discovered in a gallery than a magazine. But for classically taught or self-taught creative individuals with a high concern in media and technology, fine art photography boasts a perfect path."

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