Which are the Top Australian Architectures in the country?

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I need the list of five best architectures and historical places which tourists should visit in Australia? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Guest7311
    Cities of Australia have their own unique character. Most are set on the water, but each has its own special mix of the old and the new, with high-rise skyscrapers blending with Victorian and Georgian architecture and modern architectural centerpieces. The history and scope of Australian identity can be seen in the range of its buildings. Grand regency-style colonial architecture will often sit next to the practical minimalism of Australian modernism.
    Below are the top five architectural models you can find in Australia:
    • The Forecourt, with its featured mosaic dot painting, recognizes the long history of Aboriginal culture in Australia.
    • The Sydney Opera House.
    • The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
    • Federation Square, Melbourne
    • Parliament House, Canberra
    • Sydney Harbour Bridge

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