Which are the best Mini traveler passes in Australia?

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I want to tour Around Australia in cheap rates and so I am looking for a good mini travelers pass. Need help.

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  1. Guest5225
    Greyhound mini traveler passes in Australia offer the lowest prices, with loads of added value and with 90 days validity you can spend as much time as you like exploring your favorite places. These passes provide travel between two popular destinations in the one direction. Start from either end of your route and hop on and hop off at your leisure for up to 45 days.
    Travel from Melbourne to Cairns and hop on and hop off as much as you like along the way. Other popular passes include Sydney to Cairns, Byron Bay to Airlie Beach and many more.  These hop on and off Mini Traveler passes travel in one direction along our most popular routes across Australia. Now you can enjoy reduced prices, extended travel times, up to 90 days to complete your journey.

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