Which are the famous drinks of Faisalabad?

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Want to know about the famous drinks of Faisalabad. Which are the famous drinks of Faisalabad? Anyone have information about this please share it.

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  1. Guest735
    Some of the famous drinks of Faisalabad:
    • Rabri - this is the most favourite drink of the people of Faisalabad. It is made by mixing peanuts, almonds & many other dry fruits in milk and is very delicious.
    • Sugar cane rusk - is also very delicious.
    • Limo pani - is very tasty. It is made up with lemon juice & water.
    • Lassi - Lassi is the traditional Punjabi drink. Lassi is available in all parts of the city easily. It is made using yogurt. The price of one glass or a Piala of Lassi is about Rs.20. Bangali Milk Shop at Clock Tower chowk is the famous one for Lassi.

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