Which are the main festivals held at Bulacan Philippines?

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I am making a report on different festivals celebrated in different provinces of Philippines and want to know about the main festivals held at Bulacan Philippines. Anyone of you having information about it please share it with me.

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    At the heart of Fareast Asia lies Bulacan—a province in the Republic of the Philippines, situated in the country's Central Luzon Region, north of Manila, the nation's capital. Following are the main festivals held in Bulacan Philippines:

    • Baliuag Lenten Procession:

    Held every Holy Wednesday and Good Friday. The Prosisyon ng mga Santo, Baliuag's major Lenten attraction. Is a impressive parade of 60 layishly adorned rides high depecting scenes of the Passion and Sufferings of Christ?

    • Feast of the Holy Cross of Wawa:

    A carnival held on the first Sunday of July discerned in respect of the Holy Cross of Wawa (Mahal na Krus sa Wawa) which is said to have kept the life of an vintage woman who was drowning. The major characteristic of this fiesta commemoration is the Pagoda which, glides along the Bocaue River. The Pagoda is a gaily-decorated structure travelling on a gigantic banca. People from all strolls of life relish the travel on the Pagoda feasting on sumptuous nourishment while the melodies plays.

    • Calumpit Libad Festival:

    A fluvial parade of well-decorated pagodas is held on the stream every 23rd of June right before the yearly village fiesta in respect of St. John the Baptist.

    • Santa Cruzan:

    The parade in respect of the Holy Christ is held in virtually all villages and towns in the entire province. Every parish hours although celebrates the finish of the Flores de Mayo throughout the last week.

    • Luyang Dilaw Festival:

    (Held throughout May 2)

    • Obando Fertility Dance:

    The Obando fiesta is commemorated from May 17-19. Couples who are childless can take this event to apply for fantastic intercession and promenade to delight the Virgin of Salambao. San Pascual de Bailon and Sta. Clara. Maidens and bachelors who desire husbands and wives can promenade for their mates.

    • Plaridel Horse Festival:

    Herd of equines with colorful tiburins displaying in the roads of Plaridel in reverence to St. James the Apostle every 29th and 30th of December.

    • Linggo ng Bulakan:

    A week-long commemoration comprising of diverse colourful heritage productions, art and cooking displays, creative pursuits and abilities challenges, and the prestigious yearly Dangal nf Lipi Awards Night. Yearly, its undertakings alter counting upon the selected topic for the year.

    • Pulilan Carabao Festival:

    Hundreds of work animals, mostly carabaos, are directed on a parade in the roads of the village every 14th and 15th of May to respect its patron saint. San Isidro Labrador. The carabaos adorned with garland and cut off for the event, genuflect or kneel in front of the church. Witness the colorful Carabao Festival and devout undertakings of the town. On the 14th of May, ranchers all over the village yield tribute to their patron saint.

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