Which are the popular sports of Pakistan?

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I am writing an article on the popular sports of Pakistan and want to know that which are the most popular sports of Pakistan. Someone please help him by giving details about it.

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    Pakistan is a country who loves sports. There are many popular sports of Pakistan that are played around in the whole country. The national sport of Pakistan is field hockey but now a day’s cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. There are many other traditional sports like kabbadi, volleyball, polo etc. Some detail about each sports if Pakistan are:
    Field Hockey:
    The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is the national league of field hockey within Pakistan. The Pakistan Hockey Federation Women Wing (PHFWW) is the official organization of Women's Field Hockey in Pakistan. The Pakistan men's team has won three gold medals at the Olympics and raised the Hockey World Cup 4 times, a World Record. It has also won the most number of Asian gold medals and is the alone Asian team towards possess won the prestigious Champions Trophy with three titles. It has been consistently ordered amongst the top teams within the world.
    Cricket has a gigantic pursuing and grounded on attendance figures at games. Pakistan has effected many multi-talented players any person who have been among the best batsmen and bowlers in the world. Almost all territories and neighborhoods in Pakistan have a cricket team and people start playing from a young age. Pakistan has won a lot ofworldwide cricket events which include the 1992 Cricket World Cup and the 2009 ICC World Twenty20, adjacentcompleting as runner higher in 1999 World Cup and 2007 World Twenty20.
    Squash is another popular Sport that has a large following in Pakistan, with Pakistan dominating the Sport for a period of time. Jahangir Khanand Jansher Khan are considered legends of the Sport and have won several World Squash Championships and other tournaments. Pakistani players have won the Squash World Open 17 times, and British Open 12 times, the highest by any nation.
    Polo, is believed to have originated in Central Asia, and continues to be an important sport within the country with several large annual competitions. The Shandur Polo Tournament, played at the world's highest pologround every June, is one of the biggest tourist draws toChitral and Gilgit in Northern Pakistan.
    Football is the second most popular Sport in Pakistan. Football has also enjoyed a powerful growth as a spectator Sport in Pakistan since the 1990s and is slowly catching up toCricket in the TV ratings (2008 statistics). Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) is the official organization in Pakistan. Football is played mostly on a local level, primarily in Balochistan.
    Other sports of Pakistan include:
    Table tennis                                
    Billiards and snooker                        
    Yachting and Sailing.

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