Which are the top 10 most popular sports in Pakistan?

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I want to know that which are the 10 top most popular sports of Pakistan. No doubt that cricket will be at the top but I want to know about the rest of the 9 most popular sports in Pakistan.

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  1. Guest2525
    Pakistan is a country who loves sports. There are many popular sports of Pakistan that are played around in the whole country. The national sport of Pakistan is field hockey but now a day’s cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. There are many other traditional sports like kabbadi, volleyball, polo etc. According to searches for a particular sport the data is been extracted. The data is based on which sports websites internet users from Pakistan browse the most. The list indicates what people from Pakistan like to follow or watch, and not necessarily the sports that people play. The top ten most popular sports of Pakistan are:
    1 Cricket
    2 Wrestling
    3 Soccer
    4 Tennis
    5 Motorsports
    6 Winter Sports
    7 Hockey
    8 Cycling
    9 Martial Arts
    10 Squash

    Some people might think that hockey is the national game of Pakistan it must be on top or at least at second place below cricket but it is at seventh position. The answer for this, is that although hockey is the national sports of Pakistan but due to popularity of cricket many people now don’t like hockey. The above ratings are extracted by the most sport searches in Pakistan and according to that the searches for hockey are less than the above sports.

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