Which are web page database software?

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I am not good with web page development and I am looking for a software to generate and manage the database in PHP format. Could someone please name some of web page database softwares.

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  1. Guest5190

     BEACON - Beach   Advisory and Closing On-line Notification

    Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS)      

    Best Management Practices for Soil   Erosion Software       

    Better Assessment Science   Integrating point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS)      

    BIOPLUME III Software      

    Biennial Reporting System (BRS)       

    Biogenic Emissions Inventory System   (BEIS)      

    Building for Environmental and   Economic Sustainability (BEES)         Catalog of Federal Funding Sources   for Watershed Protection       Center for Exposure Assessment   Modeling Software

  2. Guest8105

    A few famous web page database software companies

    Computer Aided   Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO)       Comprehensive Environmental   Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (CERCLIS)

    Confidence Interval Calculation for Source Partitioning Using Stable Isotopes 

    Consolidated Human Activities   Database (CHAD)

    Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System   (CORMIX)  

    Data Finder  

    Decentralized On-Site Management for   Treatment of Domestic Wastes Software  

    DEFT Software    

    Delisting Risk Assessment Software   (DRAS)     

    DFLOW Software  

  3. Guest8486

    Given below is the list of some famous softwares;

    1   ACToR:   Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource

    2   Air Facility System

    3   Air Quality Index (AQI)

    4   Air Quality System (AQS)

    5   AirData

    6   Applicability Determination Index   (ADI)

    7   AQUATOX Model

    8   ArcHydro  

    9   ASSESS Software

    10   Assessment Database Software

  4. Guest4243

    I have mentioned below few web page database softwares:

    Estimation   Program Interface (EPI) Software Suite

    Exposure Analysis Modeling System   (EXAMS)

    Exposure, Fate Assessment Screening   Tool (E-FAST)

    Facility Registry System (FRS)  

    Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE)

    Federal Energy Management Program   (FEMP) Software

    FEMWATER/LEWASTE Model      

    Fertilizer Storage and Handling   Software 

    FIFRA Section 18 Database

    Food and Gill Exchange of Toxic   Substances (FGETS) Software Model  


  5. Guest5079

     21   Center for   Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMoS)      

    22   Central Data Exchange (CDX)      

    23   Certification and Fuel Economy   Information System (CFEIS)      

    24   CHEMFLO Software           

    25   Chemical Screening Tool for   Exposures and Environmental Releases (ChemSTEER)      

    26   Clean Water State Revolving Fund   National Information Management System      

    27   Clean Watersheds Needs Survey      

    28   COMMUTER Model          

    29   COMPLY Software           

    30   Computational Toxicology

  6. Guest6450

    • Envirofacts  Environmental Assessment Case Study   Software

    • Environmental Data Registry (EDR)

    •  Environmental Financing Information   Network

    • Environmental Information Management   System (EIMS)

    •  Environmental Planning For Small   Communities Software (TRILOGY)

    • Environmentally Preferable   Purchasing (EPP) Database

    • Environmental Radiation Ambient   Monitoring System (ERAMS) Database

    • EPANET Software

    • EPA REACH IT - REmediation and   CHaracterization Innovative Technologies

  7. Guest2520

     Great Lakes   Environmental Database (GLENDA)

    GRITS/STAT Software

    Ground Water Primer Software

    Hazards Analysis for Toxics Analysi

    Hazardous Waste Management on the   Farm Software

    Health Effects Notebook for Toxic   Air Pollutants

    HELP Software

    High Production Volume (HPV)   Voluntary Challenge Chemical List

    Hotelling/Williams Test for the   Difference Between Two Dependent Correlations

    Household Waste Management   Software 


  8. Guest3110

    I am posting few automated softwares but in my opinion you should start learn PHP rather paying for automated programs. you will find it easy if you go through wrox series publications.

    Fuel Storage   Practices on the Farm Software

    Fuels Models

    GCSOLAR Model

    Geo-EAS Software

    GEOPACK Software

    Geophysics Advisor Software

    GEOS Software

    Global Endocrine Disruptor Research   Inventory (GEDRI)    

    Grants Information and Control   System (GICS)

    Great Lakes Adventure Software

  9. Guest749

     HPVIS: High Production Volume Information System

    Human Exposure Database System

    Human Exposure Model (HEM)

    Hydrodynamic, Sediment, and Contaminant Transport Model (HSCTM2D)

    Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF)

    IMES Software

    Improving Silage Storage on the Farm Software

    Industrial Waste Air Model (IWAIR)

    Industrial Waste Management Evaluation Model (IWEM)

    Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)

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