Which banks are authorized by SBP for providing agricultural credit?

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In the late nineteenth century, the agricultural credit system in the South encouraged farmers to produce as much as they could? My question is that now which banks are authorized by State bank of Pakistan for providing agricultural credit to farmers?

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  1. Guest3075
    All banks are elligible from State bank of Pakistan and can provide agricultural credit to farmers/growers. State bank of Pakistan does not restrain any bank from providing agricultural credit. However, under the Agricultural Credit Scheme indicative targets are given to 21 banks on annual basis. These include; two specialized banks (ZTBL & PPCBL), five major commercial banks (ABL, HBL, MCB,NBP & UBL) and 14 domestic private commercial banks; 1) Askari Com. Bank,2) Bank Al-Habib, 3) Bank Al-Falah , 4) My Bank, 5) Faysal Bank, 6) Habib Metropolitan Bank, 7) PICIC Com. Bank, 8) KASB Bank, 9) Prime Com. Bank , 10) Saudi Pak Com. Bank, 11) Soneri Bank,12) Bank of Khyber, 13) Bank of Punjab and 14)Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan).

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