Which brand is better between Samsung and HTC?

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Which brand is better between Samsung and HTC?

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  1. Brandon Tucker

     Samsung and HTC are both best companies regarding mobiles and mobile gadgets. Samsung and HTC both are biggest provider of Google android based smart phones in the world. Both companies are changing their technology and bring new features in their phones day by day so, we cannot say which company is best because some time HTC are best for their look and sometime Samsung because of their features.

  2. Duke

     I think HTC handsets are much better then samsung mobiles as they are providing the best quality of handsets like the new HTC Sensation. The new samsung mobiles are also good but are not competing the HTC handsets.

  3. Leonardo

    Both have their own company name and are working for quite long, they have passed that time period when there was a compition but now in this advanced technology era things have gone quite crazy and there have been lots of innovations. Both have been playing their part and are standing their doing the best of best day by day.

  4. Victor Strong
    HTC is better than samsung in look and feels but Samsung Galaxy SII is hibrid thing.
  5. Victor Strong
    In some cases htc phones are better and in some cases samsung phones are better.
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