Which channel played marathon of Twilight Zone on 4th July?

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My cousin told me about the marathon of Twilight Zone on 4th July that a TV channel showed episodes Twilight Zone all day but he doesn’t told me about the TV channel. Please tell me about the TV channel.

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    The SyFy Channel retained their yearly 4th of July marathon of vintage Twilight Zone episodes on 4th July. If you are a seasoned follower of the Rod Serling masterpieces or new to the show, now is the time to get your fill. The episodes run back to back until midnight Monday night.

    The show which initially ran from 1959-1964, showcases some of the most bright composing television has ever seen. Yes, the exceptional consequences are cheesy by today's measures, but Serling did an astonishing job producing creepy tales arrive to life.

    Whether you are an vintage ally of The Twilight Zone, or if you have not ever observed it, some of the episodes are must-watch programming. It was entitled number 26 in TV Guide's List of the 50 utmost television displays of all time. That solely states certain thing to Serling's genius. SyFy is managing a large service by airing these every year. Everyone desires to glimpse them.

    Listed are but a few of the iconic episodes you will not want to miss:

    Its a Good Life

    Bill Mumy, the original Will Robinson of "Lost in Space" fame, takes a turn as a not-so-sweet little boy holding an entire town hostage.

    I Sing the Body Electric

    A widowed father buys his 3 children an electronic Grandma, which pleases all but one of the kids.

    A Quality of Mercy

    During a battle,an American racist World War II soldier mysteriously finds himself in the body of his Japanese counterpart.

    Kick the Can

    A simple child's game enables a group of elderly folk that they can indeed recapture their youth.

    The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

    A power failure causes paranoid neighbors to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.

    To Serve Man

    Friendly aliens show mankind how to correct all of society's ills.


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