Which is a good free logo maker software?

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I have been doing graphic designing for a company but now they want me to create logos for them as well. I have no idea about logo making softwares. Does anyone here know a free logo designing software.

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  1. Guest7874

    There is a program and software by the name of Logo maker that helps in developing logo making. Here are the steps that you should follow in order to go for developing the software.

    Step 1: Choose An Icon.

    LogoMaker consists of than 10,000 different icons to choose from. This isn't just a clip art library, each one of these designs was created by a professional designer to use in a logo. You can search by the category or the key-words in order to find the symbol which is right for business. You can find the toughest part of this whole process which is narrowing the choices down with many great options to choose from. It will not be a problem if you can't choose just one, LogoMaker let's you create and allows you to save up to six different logo designs which are all for free.

    Step 2: Use the Design Tool to Create Your Logo.

    Once you've selected the favorite image that you want, you will have to go to a design layout page where you can customize the icon into a proper unique logo design. Click on icon, then on the different buttons on the left sides of this page to flip it or turn the image, you can change the size or colors, and choose also a font. You can now add up to two lines of text and also customize it to fit in a perfect manner with the icon.

    Once you have completed all these steps , then you can download the logo and then you can make it work by putting the logo into work.


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