Which is national sport of Pakistan?

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We are making reports on the national sports of the country and want to know about the national sport of Pakistan. Please tell about the national sport of Pakistan and also about the achievements in the national sport by Pakistan.

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    Field hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, but today, cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan, and they have been considered the most dominant country in the sport of cricket in the last few years. As the field hockey is the National sport of Pakistan, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is the national governing body of field hockey in Pakistan. The Pakistan Hockey Federation Women Wing (PHFWW) is the official organization of Women's Field Hockey in Pakistan. The Pakistan National Field Hockey Team also known as the Green Shirts represents the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) in international field hockey competitions. The Pakistan men's team has won 3 gold medals at the Olympics and lifted the Hockey World Cup 4 times, a World Record. It has also won the most number of Asian gold medals and is the only Asian hockey team to have won the prestigious Champions Trophy with 3 titles. It has been consistently ranked amongst the top teams in the world. After the poor performance at the 2010 Hockey World Cup the coach Shahid Ali Khan was sacked along with several other senior personnel and the entire squad announced their voluntary retirment following the poor performances. However the PHF President refused to accept their resignations and the players continued to play for the team.

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