Which is the best Portable video player recorder?

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My brother is very fond of electric appliances, his birthday is near and I am planning to gift him a good Portable video player recorder. Is there anyone who can tell me which is the best Portable video player recorder?

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  1. Jennifer

     "There are numerous different types and models of Portable video player recorders are available in the market which is easy to use and affordable in price. Many online websites are also offering a huge variety of Portable video player recorders to its customers. Below are some of the devices are mentioned with their price, you can check it as per your requirement.

    • Impecca 4GB MP3 Player with Digital Voice Recorder - MP1402FK – Black is for $20.

    • Archos 501511 4 GB Black Flash MP3 Player Voice Recorder, FM Recorder, FM Tuner - Flash-Memory - 4.0 GB - USB - 1 oz for $28 to $49

    • KA801 DSP Shortwave radio with MP3 Player and Recorder for $80

    • Creative Labs Muvo Slim 256 Mb Mp3 Player Recorder Fm for $38

    • Fm Stereo, Am, Sw World Receiver, Mp3 Player Recorder for $60"

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