Which is the smallest commercial aircraft at the Karachi airport?

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I am a business man in Pakistan and I want to travel to Islamabad with my team from Karachi. And so I need to know about the commercial aircraft that would be feasible for me.

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  1. Guest9130
    The smallest commercial aircraft flying out of Karachi, is a ATR with 48 seats.

  2. Guest1366

    The smallest commercial aircraft flying out of Karachi, is a ATR with 48 seats. PIA operates private lease flights engaging ATR 42s to Bhit, Kadanwari and Sawan Airport in Sindh as well as to other parts of the countryside on behalf of oil and gas companies. In 2005 PIA signalled an harmony with the aircraft production plant, ATR to pay for seven ATR42-500. The aircraft were purchased to depose the aging F-27 aircraft. The seven ATR aircraft were delivered between 2006 and 2007. Currently there are 10 ATR-500 planes in the fleet of PIA serving at the several airports around Pakistan.

    The ATR-500 is the present output type and it is in use of Pakistan International Airlines. It is a absolutely new conceive with numerous new improvements for presentation and traveller comfort. It has new motors, new propellers, a freshly conceived cabin and expanded heaviness capacity. It has six-bladed propellers turned by PW127E engines ranked at 2,400 shp (1,800 kW) for advanced warm and high presentation and substantially expanded cruise speed. The motors are flat ranked for +45C. Propellers are absolutely electrically controlled and are made from composite material. It furthermore has an expanded greatest takeoff heaviness, permitting for more cargo and larger variety (up to 1,500 nm). Due the six-bladed propellers and better insulation, it has a highly declined disturbance grade interior the cabin with new "elegance" method cabin. The newest type have CATII capability and dual Honeywell HT1000 FMS installation.

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