Which parks charge daily motor vehicle entry fees in Australia?

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My friend needs to know about the Australian national parks that charge entry fee for cars and vehicles.

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    Day passes relate to motor vehicles, not to people, so you only need to pay for each motor vehicle you bring into some parks in Australia. Parks that are charging entry fees are generally those which receive very high levels of visitation. In these parks, it costs a lot to provide and maintain roads, visitor facilities and other infrastructure. The reason for charging these daily motor vehicle entry fees is to maintain and improve visitor facilities, to conserve threatened species and their habitats and to carry out pest control programs.
    Below is the list of some parks in Australia that charge daily motor vehicle entry fees:
    1. Bald Rock National Park  
    2. Blue Mountains National Park  
    3. Border Ranges National Park  
    4. Brisbane Water National Park  
    5. Georges River National Park  
    6. Kanangra-Boyd National Park  
    7. Kosciuszko National Park  
    8. Lane Cove National Park  
    9. Mebbin National Park  
    10. Morton National Park  
    11. Royal National Park  
    12. Sydney Harbour National Park  
    13. Victoria Park Nature Reserve  
    14. Washpool National Park  
    15. Yuraygir National Park

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