Which prom dress should I get?

by Guest9839  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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And I would like your opinion on them too please!
Is this dress nice for prom?

And if so with what kind of shoes?!? Thanks guys!!!!!! -Samantha :)

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  1. Guest3691

     I like the second one. This is the first time i hear of, maybe i can try buying things there, i really like the dresses.

  2. Guest975

    I also buy somethings from, it is a reliable online store, you can buy the first one, the price is cheaper than the one is on the

  3. Guest5675

     Shopping cool is a very good website for online shopping but ebay is also among the best websites along with amazon where you can find state of the art things. 

    And as you mentioned that you need dress for prom then i think you should visit many different sites so that you can make a good choice for your prom night. 
  4. Guest4012

    the first one is girly type, while the second one is like rock and roll.. i love the secod dress then pair it with a red shoes.. cool!!!

    if you want more fashion tips and advised, consider visiting, might help you too.. also you could be link on the coolest shopping online site..

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