Which stores in Kitzbuhel have the best 6 men hiking tents?

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I am looking to buy a new hiking tent as I having several hiking trips this winter. Can you please tell me which store in Kitzbuhel has genuine hiking tents? And yes, it should be affordable.

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  1. Guest1665

    Some of the tents which are 6 men hiking tents are as follows:

    Outer Limits Straight Lightweight Hiking Tents and these type of tent cost $89. Another Tent which lies in the category of 6 men is New 6 Man Dome Tent Camping and it costs about $ 31. Ferrrino MTB is tent which also occupies 6 men and it is very useful and mostly available on lots of online stores. Some of these online shopping areas are It is perhaps one of the oldest store which has the most variety of tents. There are many types of 6 tents that are available in different sizes and shapes. You can select from the price range that suites you. is another type of online store that will provide you with some of the best options for these types of tents. The price range starts from 200 dollars and goes upto the range of 500 dollars, you can check it from these type of stores and also there are variants available according to your choice and selection. CRAIG Camping Hiking GREEN CANVAS KING Single Swat Tent is always available in many shapes price range. It starts from 205 dollars and the last version it has is of 450 dollars.


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