Which type of coins are found at Taxila?

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I love to know about the ancient things and now want to know that which type of coins are found at Taxila? Anyone have information about this please share it with me.

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  1. Guest9051
    Famous coins found at Taxila
    1) Taxila Copper Coin
    • Weight, g: 13.00gm
    • Mint: Pushkalavati
    • Date: 200 BC
    • Denomination: Karshapan
    2) Taxila Coin  
    • Weight, g: 5.03
    • Mint: Taxila
    • Date: 2nd century BC
    3) Taxila/Sunga Coin
    • Weight, g: 2.4
    • Mint: Taxila
    • Date: BC200
    • Denomination: 1/4 Karshapana.

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