Which type of ruins are founded at Taxila city?

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I want to know that which type of ruins are founded at Taxila city? If someone have any information about this please share it.  

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  1. Guest2280
    The ruins of Taxila comprise structures and buddhist stupas established over a large area. The major wrecks of Taxila are split up into three foremost towns, each belonging to a distinct time period.
    The oldest of these is the Hathial locality, which yielded exterior shards alike to burnished red wares (or 'soapy red wares') retrieved from early stages at Charsadda, and may designated day between the 6th 100 years BCE and the late 2nd millennium BCE. Bhir Mound designated days from the 6th 100 years BCE. The second town of Taxila is established at Sirkap and was constructed by Greco-Bactrian monarchs in the 2nd 100 years BCE. The third and last town of Taxila is at Sirsukh and concerns to the Kushan kings.
    In supplement to the wrecks of the town, several buddhist monasteries and stupas furthermore pertains to the Taxila area. Some of the significant wrecks of this class encompass the wrecks of the stupa at Dharmarajika, the monastery at Jaulian, the monastery at Mohra Muradu in supplement to several stupas.

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