Who Stole Vallano's Car\?

by Guest6741  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Who Stole Vallano's Car\?

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  1. Guest9990
    In My OpINION HE DID IT HIM SELF and took the money.....and saved it for his honey moon and then he bacame friends with waqas saleem who gives him pick and drop every Day......

  2. Guest132
    i  agree  with  haseeb
  3. Guest9124
    and thats how the LOve started and they LIved hapily after
  4. Guest7768
    nobody did!! he rented out that car for two days! and after returning it back he lied to us that his cars gone :P
  5. Guest9093
    DId he rented it oh my god why will he do it just to impress us no he isnot like that......he is a good guy he look like he can have his own car....
  6. Guest5233
    bull s**t haseeb...y would i steal dat thing which is already mine?
  7. Guest33
    u guys suck
  8. Guest3875
    no it was just a suggestion i think we have freedom of speech and  ilive in a independent COuntry JIya BHuttoooooo Pakistan kapay...........
  9. Guest9308
    swati i should ve given ur name in fir
  10. Guest9357
    Yeah right u stole my cigrates BUddy i will cut a FIR ON that as well.......I never stole it i have a better Taste if i need to steal sumthing i will go for sumthing better.....he NO offense
  11. Guest8676
    ya ryte...ive seen ur sucky ride...
  12. Guest3748
    dUDE ATLEAST I have a ride
  13. Guest4576
    look whose talking no offesene dude but u cant even afford ur ride...ive seen u 100 times begging for cng lol
  14. Guest2166
    burni u want us to talk..we wont mind :P
  15. Guest8557
    am lucky! nobody talks about my accord :P
  16. Guest6171
    MAN cNG IS SUMTHING ELSE ITS and expensive piece and dificult to handle atleast i beg for the Cng u beg for the Ride home no oFfense Villano.....
  17. Guest8044
    Yo do u have a problem with tht....if i give him pick and drop....not like u rather ...askin for 50 and then goin for 100
  18. Guest8015
  19. Guest3640
  20. Guest743
    dude let me remind u dat day when u dropped me home..u did beg me for 50 rs 4 cng n i gave u 100
  21. Guest4100
    u want me to remind u last friday when u stole from ma vollet
  22. Guest7267
    u had 100 which u stole from my pocket and plz WACKY UR NOSE Dsnt fit in it so stay out.....
  23. Guest9924
    i think i should adopt u...u r da 1 who eats ma food smokes ma f**s..iam da 1 who is talking care of u IHSAN FARAMOSh
  24. Guest8537
    HAHAHAHAHA yeah right i am the one who is helping u to survive in life u are a faramosh u provide wat u are told to provide
  25. Guest9145
    haseeb u r full of s**t now stop lying
  26. Guest1256
    I believe that Vallano's vehicle was repossessed by the bank because he did not make full payments on it. Or maybe it was stolen by phatans (no offence wacky).
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