Immediate members of the wedding party.

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I have to make a list of guests that are to be invited in my wedding. I am trying my best that I do not miss out anyone but my budget does not allow me to go for so many guests. I would like someone to tell me about the immediate members in a wedding party.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    The selection of the members of your wedding party is certainly the most personal and important part of your wedding plans. You have to select these members keeping in view the kind of task or duty they can handle the best. The wedding party should particularly feature those relatives and friends who are not only closest to you but people on whom you can depend when it matters. Hence selecting them carefully will make them feel the honor of a special place in your party and at the same will give you the feeling of being surrounded your loved ones. Above all, your feelings of security and affection will not only add up to your enjoyment of this special occasion but you'll be satisfied that everything is being taken care of in the way it should be.

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