Who deserves to be the 08-09 Nba Mvp?. No doubt Kobe Bryant deserves to be the mvp because as you

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No doubt Kobe Bryant deserves to be the mvp because as you can see by the numbers 25-5 no doubt he is the strongest link and plus he is the main back bone of his team,he is caring most of the weight on his shoulder.

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  1. Guest1507
    kobe bryant the best?

  2. Guest9027
    You must be on crack.

    Have a read of this blog entry. Might help your short sightedness.
  3. Guest414
    i think that umm lebron james and the cavs have a good chance at winning the ncaa championship.
  4. Guest3383
    The King Lebron James is the MVP this season NO DOUBT

    The King's era has began
  5. Guest9997
    KOBE BRYANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LeBron Who??
  6. Guest830
    for me wade is the mvp, he help the heat, without any support from his teammate.
  7. Guest5762
    it's wade because he let you know that he is the trueth at what he do out there on the floor with young players along side of him. ya lebron and kobe is good but they have role players along side of them
  8. Guest9733
    leborn james is the MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KING JAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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