Who is Eda Louise Garcia?

by Guest4329  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Who is Eda Louise Garcia?

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  1. Guest9291
    my do you know her?

  2. Guest7215
    .She lives in the philippines..
    .she is beautiful.
  3. Guest5069
    yea. i know. like i said, she's my cousin
  4. Guest2537
    which cousin? eda's ok, but i like her ate krystine and her cousin from manila better.
  5. Guest9231
    woa, why are there 2 guest16117003s? nauna ako sau boi/girl! go find another guest username! haha....
  6. Guest5054
    who cares? it not like i no u. u wont even tell us ur name. maybe your not even eda's cousin.
  7. Guest387
    i don't care! i don't know u either. and by the way mr/ms....mali grammar mo. so shut your trap and find time to study other than pick a fight with others, got that?
  8. Guest5952
  9. Guest4673
    cOoL! pEoPlE fIgHtInG oVeR tHe NeT! i liKe HeR aTe KrIsTiNe 2! dOeS aNy1 kNo HeR #? PlEaSe gIb mE hEr #. wHo iS hEr cOuSiN fRoM mLa? Is sHe BeAuTiFuL?
  10. Guest2278
    is her ate kristine the before majoret in gallanosa? i like her too! she's more beautiful. i think i saw her manila cousin one time. is she always with ate kristine? a it chubby? she is also very beautiful. and i like eya more than eda. eya looks more beautiful and smart. and she looks sweet. ;)i have a crush on ate kristine and eya. who knos they're number?
  11. Guest4132
    were is ate kristine studying? she is in college now right? UP Diliman or Los Banos. i think it is Los Banos. i just forgot. she is smart.
  12. Guest3255
  13. Guest6883
    can someone please introduce me to tis Kristine that u speak of? wats hr last name? does she hav fb? im ryan. i live in hawaii. wer do u guys live?
  14. Guest7454
    i know eda. she my classmate in holy
  15. Guest9771
    i know her.she is very smart she is my former classmate and she has FB.
    and i think i love her.hihihi
  16. Guest1188
  17. Guest8825
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  18. Guest7741
    hahahah...she's very cute and pretty. =))  and she is hardworking.
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