Who is England’s most important player?

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Who is the one man that England simply couldn’t do without against Croatia tomorrow night? Skipper John Terry will be rallying the troops, but is he more important than Wayne Rooney? How about the unsung Gareth Barry?

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     All the players are equally important because no one can play with not less than 11. So its the performance to the players which differ them from each other. 

    All the players in an international team are capable of showing their spark during the game. Cricket is the game that is played with a team you need to protect boundaries, need to place fielders in catching position, need to set the field according to the bowler and there are many more things which are involved in a game. No one can just alone play a cricket match. And if we look who is performing good then different players perform in different matches it never that a single player from any team is getting man of the match award in a row it is always a different player so things are always different you just need to look upon the matter through all the probabilities there could be.  
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