Who is John Li from , the Los Angeles wedding photographer ?

by Elilly  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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John Li, the owner and photographer of the website of, screwed up my biggest moment in my life-- my wedding day and my wedding pictures.  Help...please!

Does anyone knows what is his real name? I was told that his real Chinese name is Xiaozhuang Li? When I googled his Chinese name I have found contradicting information about him and about his professional experience. I got sooooooo scared!

The website of JOHN LI PHOTOGRAPHY stating that he “has been a photographer for many years. After I working for many newspapers and magazine as a photojournalist, I started my Los Angeles Wedding Photography business and become a Los Angeles wedding photographer.…… ”Why I cannot find any REAL information about his background? If JOHN LI was truly photojournalist working for many years for many newspapers and magazines we should be able to find this information on websites of many newspapers and magazines, and beautiful pictures with a copyright mark next to his name.  Am I wrong?

Why we cannot see JOHN LI's  photos online? Is he hiding from somebody? The only photo of John Li that I have seen online was together with few years old article talking about him being a pizza delivery boy and that people chasing after him for crimes. I also read somewhere that he is or he was under investigation by Los Angeles police department and by the FBI for art theft crimes. How can I find more information about that? This gotten me sooooooo scared when I know that he is “WANTED”!

Could he be working for many newspapers and magazine as a photojournalist as he says without having any education? The text on his website is soooooo poorly written with very poor punctuation; weak grammar and syntax which is not normal for a true photojournalist?

The website of JOHN LI PHOTOGRAPHY telling a big story about him and how successful he is, but dose not tell anything of substance like the name of the school where he went to school? The name of the newspapers and magazines where he was working for  many years and …...

If you have any clue please share please share with me your story or leave a comments. Please help!

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