Who is Michael Jackson?

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Who is Michael Jackson?




  1. Guest783
    He g*y is like having s*x with little boys that's why they  make lol moves with himn in it well not really him

  2. Guest3051
    Michael Jackson is a famous singer. He is very popular in Europe and was in the US in the 80's.   He isnt very popular in the US because he is known for molesting children, which he was found innocent for in court.  He is African American, but due to so much plastic surgery he went under, he developed a white apperence.  Also he has a strange shape to his nose, which can easily be pointed out.  Hope this helps =]
  3. Guest4860
    google him, you'll find out.
  4. Guest8993
    King of Pop!  
  5. Guest7583
    this old washed up singer that was accused of sleeping wit kids and then moved to a diff. country heres some of his songs....  

    wait how do u not kno about him?
  6. Guest2359
    A legend who went downhill.
  7. Guest5530
    Michael Jackson is more than a man...he is a dream!!!He is the best singer of the world..I love him!!
  8. Guest6131
    He is a  child melister. He turned white from having to many plastic surgery plus he scruwed up his nose by modifying it to many times.    
  9. Guest1469
    1) A freaky singer

    2) A kid in my school (who I feel very sorry for)
  10. Guest5350
    Is this a serious quesion???  He is Billy Jean, a Smooth Criminal, he's Bad (altho the courts find that debatable) he's Black or White (mostly white nowdays) he's a Thriller and he wont Stop til You get Enough.  He is the creator of the dance movement (big mention to the moonwalk here) he had a monkey called Bubbles and he's definitely gone a bit bonkers now from his ABC days, but his music is still listened to and that's the important bit.
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