Who is eligible for NADRA NICOP?

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I want to know that who can get NADRA NICOP card, if a person goes abroad and then come back to Pakistan. He can still eligible for NADRA NICOP.

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  1. Guest1242
    1. A citizen shall be a non-resident citizen if he:
    -Is an emigrant or intending emigrant.
    -Is, or is intending to be, resident abroad.
    -holds nationality or citizenship of any other country or
    state pursuant to sub-section (3) of section 14 of the
    Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951).
    -holds an immigrant or resident visa, permanent or
    otherwise, or equivalent authorization, permit or status, as
    applicable, of a foreign state or country.
    2. Not withstanding anything contained explained above, a citizen
    shall not be deemed to be a non-resident citizen under following
    conditions if:
    (a) His stay abroad does not exceed, or he intends to stay abroad for
    not more than six consecutive months, inclusive of the time spent
    on temporary visits, if any, to Pakistan; or
    (b) He is proceeding under a foreign scholarship or training scheme
    approved by the Federal Government or the concerned Provincial
    Government; or
    (c) He is proceeding on Hajj or Ziarat and is certified by the
    Federal Government or an officer authorized by it in this behalf
    to be so proceeding; or
    (d) He is proceeding on student visa or for medical treatment
    provided that he fill and submit a form which shall be provided
    by the authority free of cost; or
    (e) He is a spouse, real child or any of the real parents or real
    brothers or sisters of the persons specified in CNIC rule
    provided that he is dependent upon the relevant person.

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