Who is going to win the cricket world cup 2011

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Who is going to win the cricket world cup 2011. Will Australia do it again or are they all but done.

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  1. Guest5318
    Who will win the Cricket World Cup, the most likely chances are there with the England team as they are very good in their game these days and also their team confidence is alarmingly going very high which make them my favorite to be the one standing up there to win the World.
    After England, its the Pakistani team which has always been unpredictable in the cricket World capable of doing any sort of upset in the cricket World to any team so they do also have got a chance to win the World Cup. 

  2. Guest1836

     i think india is so strong india or pakistan 

  3. Guest7063

    Sri lanka will definetly win the world cup! they can beat any team even india and australia :)

  4. Guest8776

    I think Australia will win the world cup. But India has there own chances yoo

  5. Guest4310

    At the start India was favorite to win followed by australia, sri lanka and south africa, pakistan and england.

    Now things have changed South africa is favorite to win with Odds of 4.8 to 1

    India is second with odds of 5 to 1 but are in the knockout game against Australia at the moment so if they lose they are out

    Pakistan who has already qualified for semi final by beating West Indies are at odds of 5.1 to 1

    Defending Champs Australia are at odds of 6.2 to 1 but must win against india today to move on to face Pakistan in the semi final

    Sri Lanka is at odds of 6.4 to 1 and is facing England next

    England is long shot 13 to 1 and so is New Zealand with odds of 26 to 1


    The team with the strongest bowling lineup is going to win this world cup, i think South Africa and Pakistan has the best bowling attack with two of the pakistani bowlers taking the first and third spot for the most wickets taken in 2011 cricket world cup. 

  6. Guest1239

    its sri lanka lions never go back we go step front every time we neve keep our step back like sri lanka is going to win with a world record and will hold the cup with fame as brave lions.

    the lion is the king of the forest and all these other animals are under its no one can beat lions.GO LIONSSSSSSSSSSS GO LIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS U R WINNING THE WORLD CUO GOOOOOOOOOOOO LANKANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    WORLD CUP IS OUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATS SRI LANKA  :) ;) :) <3


  7. Guest5909

    This time it's Sri Lanka.

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