Who is responsible for target killing in Karachi?

by Guest4085  |  11 years ago

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Who do you think is responsible for target killing in Karachi? Is it MQM or any other political party or some external forces?

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  1. Guest7861
    People of Karachi are responsible for this target killing. In target killing no humble or nice man has been yet murdered. They were them selves a part to any of gang which use to act for crimes activities. 
    Now it is the right time for the people of Karachi to raise up their voices and say no to the current atmosphere.

  2. Guest3412

     We all know the people and the parties involves in Target killings in Karachi is MQM and now ANP also started killing people but they mostly kill people of MQM. It started in 90's and MQM was the pioneer of not only Target killing where they killed the top brass of various other student political leaders like Najeeb Ahmed of PSF and high profile killings like Raees Amrouhi, Hakeem Saeed, Azeem Tariq and various police officials like "Bhadur Ali, Zeeshan Kazmi. They were also the one who invented the "Boree" culture. They are also the pioneer in torture where they introduced the drilling and chopping of limbs.

    They have killed more Muhajirs then other ethnic groups but even now karachi has been controlled by them via Nazims and MPA's and their goons of sector in-charges. Everyone knows that MQM is behind all this but for some unknown reason the government and the army is still silent. It's strange that Army is ever ready to conduct their deadly operations in Baluchistan, FATA, Pukhtoonkhwa but they are reluctant to start an operation clean up against the MQM in Karachi. ISI and Army even have hard proof against Altaf's links with Indian RAW and they even bugged Farooq Sattar meetings with Indians but they are still casting a blind eye. The people of Karachi must stand themselves against this brutality of Altaf Bahi, to make Karachi a peaceful city.

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