Who is the Best Batsman of World Cricket?

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Hello, my name is Ravi Joshi and I love cricket. I love all formats of cricket. I want to know who the best batsman of world cricket is. Provide me his complete batting average of   Test, ODI and Twenty. Kindly answer me as quickly. I will be very thankful.

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  1. selvester robin

     Sachin Tendulkar of India is the best batsman of world cricket. He is the most run maker of ODI. He is the most worshipped player of world cricket. He has made the highest international runs and centuries in both test and ODI. He has achieved so many records. Apparently, you hardly find any weaknesses in Sachin’s technique. He is a best example of complete batsman as his record say all. 




    Right from his debut, he has played 188 test matches so far and made 15470 international runs with an average of 55.44. He has made 51 centuries and 65 fifties in tests. His best score in test is 248 not out. He has been an important part of many historical victories.


    He has played 460 international ODI matches and made 18254 international runs so far with an average 44.74. His best score in ODI is 200 not out which shows the class of little master.


    You will hardly see Tendulkar in T20 format. He always prefers ODI and Test over T20 format. He has only played 1 T20 international.


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