Who is the Recent Boyfriend of Pop singer Shakira

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My name is Emily Jennifer. I m a biggest fan of Colombian singer Shakira, I simply love all her songs especially Hips don’t lie. So I’m so much interested in her personal life. So kindly tell me about her new boyfriend. I will be very grate full if you answer me as early.

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  1. selvester robin

     Colombian singer-songwriter and Belly dance expert, Shakira has been in a relation with Spanish footballer and central defender for FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué for couple of months. Both of them were spotted together so many times on TV shows, music concerts and at hang out places. They were caught together many times by paparazzi. You can easily see their photos and videos on internet dating together. As both are expert in their own fields, they are running their relation in a very happy and good manner. So Gerard Pique’ is supposed to be the latest boy friend of Shakira. It seems that both of them want a long term relation with each other as both invited each other at their homes. Hope fully, my answer will help you in a best way and will solve your confusion about it. It is according to me the best answer of your required query. Hopefully, you like my answer.

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