Who is the most influential woman in world history?

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Who is the most influential woman in world history?

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  1. Victor Strong

     This is obviously a question with answers that will generate some good healthy debate. Of all the amazing women (countless) that have walked and blessed this planet, it is undeniable that many have left their mark on generations who came long after they were gone. My choice for the most influential woman of all time is Marie Curie, the genius Nobel prize winner in Physics and Chemistry. She along with her husband co-discovered Radium and Polonium in her pioneering research into radioactivity. Her work came at a highly stigmatized time for women making all that much harder to earn credibility with her science peers (1867 - 1934).

    The research she did led to radiation treatment for cancer as well as other medical advancements. This fact alone gives her incredible impact in the lives of so many people that we know.




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