Who knows a lot about Miss Popularity?

by Guest8644  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I have some questions:

1.How to acces my mobile
2.When the second time I need to find my dream date, I can not find him (I picked the sport type)
3.They tell me I need to dress in a certain way, but only what I can buy is a "Accesorie" and two pairs of shoes.What to do?

Please help!!

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  1. Guest9892
    the butoon ctrl is to get the mouse click on the phone
    the sport guy type is behind the school where they play soccer well uits not there but actually they would give u clues
    buy the white shoes i mean snikers  that are for elegant and in make up  the white  lip gloss that says elegant  put on a grey hat or buy it

  2. Guest3718
    Buy everything you can! Even if they aren't clothes and just accessories but always make sure they're elegant. If im correct thats what the sports guy uses.
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