Who will win 08-09 Nba Championship?. Boston Celtics look like they will do it again,because they

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Boston Celtics look like they will do it again,because they seem more dominant and more aggressive than last year with a record of 28-4 and win percentage of .875 with less than 33 games played.

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  1. Guest2430
    lakers kobe 4ever

  2. Guest8089
    laker all day?
  3. Guest2576
    the cleavland caviliers have great heart and determination lebron james is a great contribute to that team every game he plays his heart out and that is why th cavs have the potential of winning the championship
  4. Guest6633
    kobe is one h**l of a player and he is the heart behind the lakers everyone thinks the lakers will take it but in my opinion i think the cavs will step up show what their made of and take the championship game no doubt about they have so many talanted player Mo Williams  BIG Z  LEBRON JAMES DONTE WEST
  5. Guest8241
    NO DOUBT the cavs will be the 08-09 NBA CHAMPS

    I bet my a*s on it!
  6. Guest8857
    la laker can be the championsss!!!!i like kobe 2..
  7. Guest4293
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