Who will win India vs Pakistan 2011 cricket world cup semi-final: tale of the fans

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Who will win India vs Pakistan 2011 cricket world cup semi-final: tale of the fans.

last time india played pakistan in the world cup was in 2003, which i watched with room full of people, half from pk other half from india. Pakistan had the best bowling attack in the world with likes of Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar.  What no one was sure about was the Pakistani batting but when Pakistan posted 293 lead by Saeed Anwar, the Pakistani fans thought the game was in the bag but how wrong they were.  Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag lived up to the expectations of more than billion people and smacked world’s best bowling attack in all corners of the ground.

Ask the Pakistani fans and the scars of that beating are still very visible and this rematch in the 2011 cricket world cup may be the redemption waited for; for 8 years or it may be another 8 years of hurt,
only time will tell.

Pakistan lost it with the best bowling attack which was much better than the one Pakistan has this time around but would lack of expectations be the turning point?

According to one Pakistani fan Adnan, “In my opinion it would have been better if we played with aus. as even if we lost, it wouldn’t have been emotional trauma and torture in the form of upcoming movies on that and media embarrassment. as its clear we will lose because young team hasn’t played in this kind of pressure match, pitch is in their control, they play spin better and we don’t have deep batting order.  in the end they have home field advantage, they played full worldcup in India”

Another Pakistani fan Aziz thinks the opposite, “i think we have better chance than ever before because of the young team, the young guys do not have any fear and our spin attack is fairly good and allowed only on average 21 runs per wicket by any test playing nation in this world cup. beating Australia was the icing on the cake, India is playing at home and would be under tremendous pressure to win, Pakistan at the other hand is there while no one expected them to be.  since we did not reach the semi-final in the last 8 years, and since no one given pk any chance of even making to the top 8, the pressure is on India while Pakistan win or lose has already done better than any other team in this world cup”

According to an Indian fan Ravi, “Afridi, akmal and razzaq have some of their best games against India in India and at this venue; i would say Pakistan is the underdog favourite who will put up a real fight, more so than Australia did against us. Our batting is unmatched by anyone but its our bowling that is the concern, while Australia did not handle the spin well,, Pakistan like India are very good players of the spin and are familiar with pitches in this part of the world.  All in all I have already told my boss, I will be sick and won’t be coming to work next Wednesday”.

This is a match that will surely be the most viewed sporting event in the world, more so than the football world cup.  ICC could not have asked for anything better for this event; India Vs Pakistan is a mini war that is played on the cricketing ground but is fought in living rooms. That is when friends are no longer friends, for those 600 deliveries, nationalism takes over people not just in India and Pakistan but around the world.   Indian and Pakistani decedents born and brought up in the UK, some of whom have never been to India nor Pakistan stick to their TV screens playing every ball with their respective teams.  win or lose it may well be the best calorie burner, it will be entertainment at its best.

According to Rahul from Mumbai, his friend’s children have it the best, “one parent is from Pakistan and the other from India, in a Pakistan Vs India match, these kids can never lose”

Mehar from Punjab says, “when people say Australia Vs England rivalry in Cricket is the best, obviously they are clued out, how many wars has Australia fought with England. India and Pakistan fought more than three wars openly while the politicians create opportunities to fight many more as and when it suites them best.  While majority of the people from both sides cherish each other the governments make sure ties can never get better.  I love Pakistani people, my best friend I grew up with 60 years ago on the same street moved to Pakistan after the partition – but India must win no ifs or buts”

Pakistan Vs India cricket match always brings the best and the worst out of people and when it’s in the semi-final where the losing team goes home the stakes are much bigger.  One thing is clear not lots of people are going to be showing up to work on March 30, 2011.

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  1. Guest1834

    If the bowlers performed well and if they limit india with a final score of 200 to 250. i bet the world cup is ours, but indeed india is considerd the best team and they are playing at there home ground but they would be thinking about the final score of Australian team against pakistan. Before 2010 afridi was said to be remarkable and unpredictable batsman, but he has turned this statement to remarkable and dangerous batsman and bowler. BOOM BOOM PAKISTAN

  2. Guest6753

     The match between Pakistan and India is never played like to be a normal match. Both countries are mad about cricket and that is why most number of International players are from the same area. 

    Both the teams are first time meeting each other in such a big game the semi-final of the World cup. 

    There will be total pin drop silence on the roads of both countries when match is live. 

    If Pakistani bowling can perform the way they are currently then India would not be able to mount any big target or otherwise can not chase if Pakistan put handsome total on score board.

    The weak hearted people from both nations from our side are advised not to watch the live coverage of the match.

    And at the end Pakistan will rock and roll.
  3. Guest7342

    Who will win India Vs Pakistan semi final in 2011 cricket world cup? India, yes India will win it and will win this world cup.  Did i say it is going to be India, Pakistan got lucky but the luck is about to run out. India has three top run getters in the top 5 and also have a bowler who is second only to Afridi. 

    The match is being played in India which adds to it and India is clear favorite with odds of 2.58 to 1 while pakistan is odss of 5.2 to 1.  All India needs to do is get Umar Akmal out and rest of the gang should not be too hard to send packing. 


  4. Guest3609

    65 % chance Pakistan

    and 35 % chance for India


    Our Team Captain is Performing Contineously with the ball and he is leading wicket taker

    so it is positive thing for Pakistan

    further more

    Pakistani bowling is much better then the indians just like they are good in betting

    but our last two matches are enough for proof

    so let see

    my best wishes are with pakistan :) 

  5. Guest7736

    Pakistan will win this world cup.......INSHALLAH>..............

  6. Guest3296

     boom boom afridi pathan is there i cant say clearly who will win both are good team but more chances is about pakistan if afridi batting will good and also bowling then i hope pakistan will win i wish that india won the toss then pakistan will win if pakistan won the toss i dont hope so that pakistan will chass the score 

  7. Guest5933

    to an no dout pakistan hum ne birthday gift kya dai diya tum log to sur pr churr gaye so no birthday gifts to any one

  8. Guest9597

    Lets analyse the situation, india who drew against a poor England team and pakistan who lost against newzealand who have knocked out south africa and coincidentally south africa have been knockout by newzealand. You can not always rely on you batting. Indias fiedling is average to poor at best while pakistans is exceptional. Indian team are poor with the ball whilst pakistans is arguably the best in the world even without there two best bowlers asif and amir. when pakistan takes tendulkar out (for a low score) this will set panic in the indian dressing room and inevitably a collapse in thier batting order! When Pakistan do beat india i would like to see the odds then. INSALLAH PAKISTAN WILL WIN & COMFORTABLY

  9. Guest9886

    It seems my pakistani fans here are day dreaming; INDIA is the worlds super power and can just about do anything at will; This 2011 world cup semi final between India v Pakistan for sure will be won by India. I would predict:

    India to win the toss and bat first, post 375

    Pakistan to chase be all out for 175

    At least two indian batsman to hit 6 six's in one over

  10. Guest1384


  11. Guest5305

    PAKISTAN will rock the world ...... INSHA ALLAH..... Ameen

  12. Guest4838

     like h**l pakistan will win pakistan is riding on succes of two bowlers afridi and gul india would not have problem against afridi and if pakistan open with spinner as they have done so far sehwag would really kill them. I think that if both team plays to there potenial india will easily win.Pakistan would need an extraordinary perfomance by someone to beat india. INDIA WILL WIN.

  13. Guest926

    pakistan will will inshAllah... Best wishes for Pakistan.... Not day dreamers.... The real tigers of the victory... love Pakistan

  14. Guest624

    pakistan vs india semi final in maholi will be won by india, the pitch is going to be faster, which will not provide any support to pakistan spin attack. Indian batting just needs to do about 30% of what they are capable of doing and pakistan will be sent home packing. I would predict pakistan all out under 200 with the highest runs going to the bowlers rather than the pakistani batsmen.  Nothing personal, just what the form suggests. India Rocks

  15. Guest9444

    india should take yusuf pathan....on semi finals day vs pakistan because he is a danger man...he can play any time......YUSUF_PATHAN. ..ROCKSSSSSSSS......


  16. Guest7545

    AFRIDI :- Hum Sachin ko kisi bhi haal me century ki century nahi banane denge.

    SHOAIB :- Magar hum use rokenge kaise..?? Wo to Gajab ki form main hai....

    AFRIDI :- Hum 100 ke andar All Out ho jayenge....!!


  17. Guest5224


    PAKISTAN will win the semi final....

    ab india wale neend ki goliyan khalen.... q k neend to unko ani nhi ab..... pakistan k tigers bilkul  tyar hn match khelne k lye......

  18. Guest6678

    Afridi 11 is ready to beat the india jackass at Mohali......

  19. Guest1606

    you b***h a*s pakistan you cna't win because you suck eggs


  20. Guest757

     f**k u indian u a*s hole paks win the world cup

  21. Guest4019

    mohali me tufan se pehle tufan....... :)

  22. Guest3864

    green storm rain in mohali.....


    PAKISTAN will win the semi final.......


    agr mohali m india jeet gaya to kya hua


    apni gali m to kuta bhi sher hota he.....


  23. Guest9354

     Inshahla Pakistan will win India will lose India is a dummy and there team players are eggs at the front of Pakistan Afridi is better than ur stupuid Dhoni and I am a Muslim still but Pakistan will win Allah will liston to us inshahla u people trust stachuis hahahahhahah funny they don't do any thing and first a fall Pakistan is the second best team in the world ahahah we have better cricket player than u do AFRIDIIIIIIIIIII is the best one Go to h**l indiank  playes specially black people Dhoni Indian are Black ewwwwwwwwww they don't even wash there faces mostley or take bath. India sucksssssssssss Dummmmm assssssses indians. Sahara india Pakistan BOOM BOOM

  24. Guest8848

    Hopefully pakistan will win!!!! pakistan will rip india PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<inshalla>>>

  25. Guest926

    plz tell me about pakistans beating and aiso india who done well beating?


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