Who will win the 2010 World Cup?

by Guest1244  |  12 years ago

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Brazil have looked superb in qualifying. England, Holland and Spain all breezed through their respective groups with 100% records.

But will those team's whose passage to South Africa is still uncertain, cause a shock in the finals?

Argentina, France, Portugal, Italy are all yet to qualify.

And then there's the old cliché about never ruling out the Germans...

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  1. Guest2726
    If the draw goes to plan (namely Brazil at one and Spain at two), then I can[t see past those two reaching the final, with the South Americans coming out on top AET.

    Take notice of my name; I am Nostrodamus.

  2. Guest8021
    Right now, I think the winner will come from either England, Spain or Brazil. Holland always flatter to deceive and their defence is weak, whilst France and Portugal, even if they qualify, are not that great. If the Argies make it, however, they could cause a few problems.
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